Welcome to Deepam Ayurveda 
Ayurveda is the world’s oldest known „life and health education“ and comes from India’s Vedic culture of nearly 5000 years – generally considered the “mother of medicine“. Shustruta was one of the first surgeons of our known civilised world, he performed cataract and plastic surgeries some xxx years ago and invented over 180 surgical instruments that are still part of todays modern medical procedures.
In Ayurveda, the therapy is tailored to the person’s individual constitution because no two people are alike. Ayurveda understands that one size doesn’t fit all, and ipso facto therapies are custom made and custom administered. Ayurvedic formulations of therapeutic concoctions specifically tailored for each individual’s condition, is extracted from around 3,000 different plant species that are processed into preparations according to ancient traditional recipes.
Therapies are individually tailored to the patient according to Ayurvedic principles. An important part is the diagnosis, for which the doctor needs a lot of time during the first interview to learn as much as possible about the patient, his or her lifestyle and circumstances and complaints. Only when there is a complete understanding of source of ailment, can Dr. Rekha initiate appropriate therapies to achieve a balance in the body that would result in relief and/or cure.
Complete Ayurvedic treatment includes extensive counseling, in-house administration of herbal supplements, and various custom Panchakarma and Rasayana therapies. Treatment based on Ayurvedic principles begins with a diagnosis, during which Dr. Rekha applies three main criteria to correctly diagnose the disease i.e. observation (Darshana), palpation (Sparshana) and questioning (Prashna). In addition to these traditional approaches, the physician will consult the findings of conventional medicine, if available, and analyse the patient’s findings from the laboratory; blood tests, urine/stool tests, MRI / CT / X-ray or ultrasound.
With the help of these therapies harmony of the three doshas is sought. Balance in doshas will improve the physical and mental state of the patient. The treatment takes place in different phases and depends on the personal condition of the patients.
The aim of ayurvedic therapy is to bring balance to the three major doshas and 12 minor doshas through administration of concoctions made of 100% natural and organic materials, resulting in a systemic restoration, enabling a mind – body – nature balance.  Because the human body is organic, and a disease or illness is just malfunction in the natural system, ipso facto ayurvedic medicine is grounded in natural therapies
  • Psychosomatic concept of medicine and illness.
  • Medicine comes from nature and is 100% organic and is purely vegetarian.
  • Stimulates and strengthens every aspect of the human anatomy.
  • The treatments are always combined with specific nutritional and physical requirements.
  • Creates a deep awareness of self – a harmony between psychology and physiology.
Depending on the diagnosis, the practitioner determines the therapy. This can be either outpatient or inpatient – that depends on the severity of the symptoms, the course of the disease and condition of the patient. At the beginning of the therapy, mostly herbal preparations are prescribed and an individual Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle plan with instructions for healthy movement is exercised. After the initial consultation, the Ayurveda treatment program is divided into two phases:
a) General nutrition and lifestyle advice and internal herbal therapy
b) External treatments (Poorvakarma) and cleansing treatments (Panchakarma)
 It is a thorough cleansing of the body of accumulated toxins i.e. in this case, toxic micro-substances are discharged through the natural orifices, for example, through induced vomiting or through induced and controlled bowel movements, with the help of certain herbal preparations or a blood therapy. In the process, toxins that have lodged deep in the tissue are removed by external treatments, so that these toxins can no longer lead to a blockage of the channels and thus to dysfunctions in the body. Following combination of strict regiment of diet, exercise, cleansing massages (Poorvakarma), and oral administration of custom made therapeutic concoctions, lasting 10 to 21 days, will deliver toxic waste to the gastrointestinal tract and eventual expulsion of years of toxins accumulated through fallacious lifestyle i.e. drugs, alcohol, fast foods etc. Only then is the patient’s body susceptible to panchakarma treatment.
Panchakarma is the cleansing of the body taking into account the anatomical and physiological functions of the body – is an inner purification process in Ayurvedic medicine. The entire treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of the practitioner, so that Dr. Rekha can respond to changes in the state of health in a qualified manner. After successful completion of the Panchakarma, the Rasayana treatment is the last component to achieve a mind, body, and nature balance. Through the use of immune-regulating herbs, the immune system is stabilised and the body is strengthened, so that a recurrence of the disease can be prevented preventively.
This is a long process of treatment and can take a few days. During this treatment, the patient needs complete rest. Panchakarma is the classic cleansing and detoxification treatment in Ayurveda and is divided into five treatments:
Vamana (vomiting)
Virechana (cleaning)
Vasthy (enema with a herbal supplement)
Nasya (nose cleansing)
Raktamoksha (bloodletting)
Treatment at Deepam Ayurveda is possible in two ways: outpatient or inpatient. Important factors in deciding whether outpatient or inpatient care is necessary are the disease’s chronicity, the course of the disease and the condition of the patient. Inpatient treatment is important in many cases as it is much more intensive and effective. Deepam Ayurveda, this type of treatment is called panchakarma treatment (cleansing treatment). Prerequisite for an outpatient treatment and inpatient stay is an one-hour initial consultation with Dr. Rekha Naidu at Deepam Ayurveda.
Patients have the option of booking a single or double room. We serve vegetarian food from organic farming according to the concept of Ayurvedic whole foods. After the journey, a detailed consultation will take place to assess the current condition of the patient. At this point, the patient receives his/her treatment plan and other useful information. Treatments are arranged according to condition and disease. All treatments are performed by Ayurvedic therapists and supervised daily, personally by Dr. Rekha Naidu.
“Protecting the Health of the Healthy and Treating the Illness of the Diseased” are the foremost priority and a goal of Deepam Ayurveda. We offer authentic Ayurveda by well qualified and highly trained and experienced staff. Your experience at Deepam will certainly be far more than the modern concept of „wellness”, because our aim to enable people to live a healthy life with lasting well-being.